Adelina Ensemble - Chamber music for piano trio and voice


The Adelina Ensemble is a dynamic new group showcasing vocal chamber music from Bach and Handel to the 20th century.

Founded at the 2014 Paxos Music Festival, the Adelina Ensemble brings together Welsh mezzo-soprano Rebecca Afonwy-Jones, two leading musicians from the Hallé orchestra (Hallé soloists) – South African principal first violinist Ian Watson and Australian cellist Clare Rowe – and British pianist and award-winning accompanist Alice Turner.

The group has quickly gained a reputation among audiences for its standout, charismatic performances of original compositions for voice and piano trio, alongside newly commissioned arrangements of vocal masterpieces.

The ensemble is named after Adelina Patti, the greatest soprano of the 19th century, renowned for the beauty of her voice, and probably the most famous woman in the world at that time after Queen Victoria.